Let’s Talk – The 2016 Grimoire Challenge

While browsing thru various blogs, I discovered the 2016 Grimoire Challenge.  A new year always brings these “challenges” about in various forms from weight loss to writing to decorating to spirituality and more. The Magickal Community is no exception. 

I am aware of the YouTube (YT for short) Pagan Challenge, and while it is good for new people discovering Magickal Pathways…. it is very limited for others.  The title/label is NOT all-inclusive and excludes a huge amount of people who are NOT Pagan. Plus the questions are the same ones that have been going around for the past 5 years in the YT Magickal Community. Nothing new or unique but the same old… same old that doesn’t go in-depth about beliefs and practices. 

While I do enjoy participating in “challenges”, the one of YT didn’t interest me. 

Enter the 2016 Grimoire Challenge. 

The concept is refreshing. It is a fresh and unique approach to getting people to think about their beliefs and practices. The questions are in-depth and immersive. A hands on approach to doing a challenge. It inspires you to actually walk the talk and not just sit around reading about it. I like that. 

Some of the questions are of no interest to me, such as the ones on astrology. Astrology is a dyslexics nightmare! Or it is mine anyway, HA! Plus it has just never interested me. 🙂 

Any posts about hedge witch stuff, kitchen witch stuff, etc….. OH MY STARS! RUN FOR THE HILLS! HIDE! RUN! Can ya tell those kinds of things just are not something I enjoy!? LOL 

But now the stuff the challenge is getting into for the month of February! WooHoo! Oh Yeah Baby! I can get into that! So needless to say, some parts I just will not respond to because I would rather clean the toilet than force myself to write about something that bores me beyond tears.  (did I make ya smile there? good! then I have served my purpose for the day **wicked grin**)

The questions about runes….. well I am unique and do things a bit differently. 🙂 

This is the kind of challenge that I really wish was happening on YT, and maybe I will do the whole video thing from time to time instead of writing my thoughts. Who knows.!? I will also be “tweaking” questions to fit my beliefs and practices a wee bit. 

What I do know is that I will be joining the 2016 Grimoire Challenge… albeit a bit late. I still have things waiting for resolution, dealing with the whole grieving thing and all the other life stuff to sort thru. But soon, I will be more settled and when that happens … look for massive amounts of posting! 😀

CLICK HERE to take you to the original site for the 201 Grimoire Challenge!  


And Where Have You Been?

Yeah… I’m here.

The short version of things?

Dealing with the passing of one of my beloved feline furbabies and then the death of my Grandmother along with other life (and health) challenges. To put it mildly, the grieving process SUCKS!!!

Life has been hard for me to deal with since my Granny passed. Every day presents a unique challenge of deciding to stay in bed crying my heart out or getting up and continue living. I was very close to my Granny, and the absence of her physical presence has been difficult for me to deal with.

It has also brought about a kind of life review, and where I want to go in regards to my online activities… which is why my posts and YT videos have disappeared. But I will be back soon with new content and such. Gotta get all this life stuff taken care of first and then we begin. 😀

Let’s Respond To This – Again

I keep getting messages asking if I am going to participate in the YouTube Pagan Challenge, and here is my respnse that I have shared on Facebook: 

No, I am not for these two reasons.

1). The title/label. I am NOT Pagan and for me to participate in something that has “Pagan” in the title/label would be misrepresenting myself, my beliefs and my opinions, and I do not wish to mislead anyone who views my videos.

2.) Inconsistency. Some of the questions that have been posed recently, I wouldn’t be able to respond to. Some I consider private and want to respect that privacy. Other questions doesn’t apply to me, my practices or beliefs. It doesn’t seem fair to those posting videos as part of the challenge, or to those viewing, to be a part of something that I would not be consistent with.

I can make videos in response to answer questions asked to me directly but otherwise, no, I will not be participating in the YT Pagan Challenge.

For those who keep asking…. even though I am NOT Pagan, here are my responses to the questions thus far: 

1.) How did you find your path?

I didn’t. It found me because this Jesus guy won’t leave me the hello alone! HA! 

2.) Are you in or out of the broom closet?


3.) Do you have an altar or scared space?


4.) What is your take on the Wheel of the year?

Irrelevant to me since I don’t use, or need, it. 

5.) What does this time of the year mean to you? 


6.) Cultural influences?

I am a human being who embraces the various diverse aspects of humanity and believes we have an obsession with cultural appropriation that is unhealthy. 

7.) Sacred Texts and Mythology. 

Ancient Judaism, the Bible, etc. 

8.) Patron and/or Matron Deity? 


Those are about as much of a response I care to give on those re-hased and over re-hased questions…. and nope, not answering anymore from that particular challenge since I am NOT Pagan and the questions are irrelevant to me.

I am however loving the concept of the 2016 Grimoire challenge, and will have lots more to say on that in the weeks ahead. 😀

Not What You Think – A Kind of “About Me” Post

Let’s make a list of things I am and am not before we go any further to clarify who the author if this blog is and her personal beliefs.

1.) I am a Christian with a few tweaks. An outside of the box type of Christian. A follower of Jesus Christ and His out of the box ways.

2.) My “tweaks” are the fact that I also practice various forms of Magick, and enjoy the mystical, the esoteric, the occult, the witch stuff and more. (I can hear the screams of blasphemy, heretic, etc. now. HA! )

3.) I’m ordained and all that jazz. Also a Reiki Practitioner, 3rd degree Gardnerian, etc. and all that jazz. Got other “certifications” but I am NOT into titles, degrees, pedigrees, pedestals and all that stuff…. so you won’t hear me mention that stuff very often. It will be very rare for me to mention it.

4.) Gonna use bold caps to stress the point here – I AM NOT A “PROGRESSIVE” OR “LIBERAL” CHRISTIAN. Personally, I think those things are a bunch of hogwash by those who don’t know the Bible and certainly don’t know Jesus!

5.) There are numerous histories through out history out there of very devout conservative Christians who were also accomplished Magicians and Witches.

6.) 99.9% of the Prophetic and Spiritual Warfare movements are pure con artists who are ripping you off and draining your wallets. Example: Jonathan Cahn and the whole Blood Moons claptrap!

7.) I read Tarot and Oracles cards but I am not fond of the mass marketing bimbo known as Doreen Virtue (and those like her) – can anyone say con artist with me? If you’re going to place YOUR name on something at least have a clue what that thing is before marketing it!

(Can ya tell that I have a very low tolerance for bullies, con artists, scammers, etc.)

8.) I got a “thing” for this Jesus dude who is totally awesome!

9.) I can’t “save” you nor am I going to proselytize you. I share my thoughts, opinions, rants, life, knowledge, etc. and leave the rest up to between you and God.

11.) No, I am not a Gnostic.

12.) No, I don’t worship or acknowledge a Goddess.

13.) No, I do not worship Angels or anything else. It is all Jesus for me. I do work with Angels and such. (Hebrews 1:14)

14.) No, I am not Pagan, Wiccan, etc.

13.) I read, study and question the Bible.  Questioning IS NOT the same as doubting!

14.) I am Church phobic. Have no desire to ever go to Church again since realizing Jesus done left the building a very long time ago, and the Church is nothing more than a system to con you out of your money and pull you away from Jesus. Doesn’t mean I “forsake the assembling together” (Hebrews 10:25)…. there are more places to meet and share Jesus than closed behind the doors of a Church building! (P.S. The REAL Church is outside with the people just like Jesus!)

16.) I am The Christo Mage walking in the footsteps of the first sharers of the Gospel – The Magi.

That’s it for now.

If you have any questions, just ask. 🙂


Those Pivotal Moments

Ever had one of those pivotal moments where you feel like you’re going under?

I am having one of those moments.

I was diagnosed with epilespy.  WTFudge!?

I have a blood clot in my lower left leg. WTFudge!?

I am broke, busted and disgusted. WTFudge!?

My furbaby, Pig, passed….

My Grandmother passed…. it feels like my entire world crashed and died.

I feel totally alone and alone.


I’m not sure how to fix any of this.

And yet….there is one thing that remains.

This Jesus dude won’t leave me alone!

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6 (NIV)

Even in the midst of our fears, isolation, loneliness and other yucky mucky’s, God never ever leaves us. He NEVER EVER gives up on us even when we give up on Him! That awareness of God’s LOVE and how this Jesus dude just won’t leave is what turned me from being a die-hard believer in “you can lose your salvation” to “God is with you – in ALL things”.

It is Hanukkah.

The celebration of God’s miracle of providing a light in the midst of great darkness during a time of utter chaos. God always provides light in the darkness. It may take us a while to become aware of it. We may have to drop our guard a bit to see. But the LIGHT of God is ALWAYS shining.

Regardless of what we feel. Regardless of what see or hear. Regardless of everything…. God is ALWAYS here! Every present and always reaching out to us. 

I know. I know.

That is a very hard concept for some to understand. And I understand that some absolutely refuse to understand it. But there it is.

God WITH us… the HOPE of Glory! Colossians 1:27