Not What You Think – A Kind of “About Me” Post

Let’s make a list of things I am and am not before we go any further to clarify who the author if this blog is and her personal beliefs.

1.) I am a Christian with a few tweaks. An outside of the box type of Christian. A follower of Jesus Christ and His out of the box ways.

2.) My “tweaks” are the fact that I also practice various forms of Magick, and enjoy the mystical, the esoteric, the occult, the witch stuff and more. (I can hear the screams of blasphemy, heretic, etc. now. HA! )

3.) I’m ordained and all that jazz. Also a Reiki Practitioner, 3rd degree Gardnerian, etc. and all that jazz. Got other “certifications” but I am NOT into titles, degrees, pedigrees, pedestals and all that stuff…. so you won’t hear me mention that stuff very often. It will be very rare for me to mention it.

4.) Gonna use bold caps to stress the point here – I AM NOT A “PROGRESSIVE” OR “LIBERAL” CHRISTIAN. Personally, I think those things are a bunch of hogwash by those who don’t know the Bible and certainly don’t know Jesus!

5.) There are numerous histories through out history out there of very devout conservative Christians who were also accomplished Magicians and Witches.

6.) 99.9% of the Prophetic and Spiritual Warfare movements are pure con artists who are ripping you off and draining your wallets. Example: Jonathan Cahn and the whole Blood Moons claptrap!

7.) I read Tarot and Oracles cards but I am not fond of the mass marketing bimbo known as Doreen Virtue (and those like her) – can anyone say con artist with me? If you’re going to place YOUR name on something at least have a clue what that thing is before marketing it!

(Can ya tell that I have a very low tolerance for bullies, con artists, scammers, etc.)

8.) I got a “thing” for this Jesus dude who is totally awesome!

9.) I can’t “save” you nor am I going to proselytize you. I share my thoughts, opinions, rants, life, knowledge, etc. and leave the rest up to between you and God.

11.) No, I am not a Gnostic.

12.) No, I don’t worship or acknowledge a Goddess.

13.) No, I do not worship Angels or anything else. It is all Jesus for me. I do work with Angels and such. (Hebrews 1:14)

14.) No, I am not Pagan, Wiccan, etc.

13.) I read, study and question the Bible.  Questioning IS NOT the same as doubting!

14.) I am Church phobic. Have no desire to ever go to Church again since realizing Jesus done left the building a very long time ago, and the Church is nothing more than a system to con you out of your money and pull you away from Jesus. Doesn’t mean I “forsake the assembling together” (Hebrews 10:25)…. there are more places to meet and share Jesus than closed behind the doors of a Church building! (P.S. The REAL Church is outside with the people just like Jesus!)

16.) I am The Christo Mage walking in the footsteps of the first sharers of the Gospel – The Magi.

That’s it for now.

If you have any questions, just ask. 🙂



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