And Where Have You Been?

Yeah… I’m here.

The short version of things?

Dealing with the passing of one of my beloved feline furbabies and then the death of my Grandmother along with other life (and health) challenges. To put it mildly, the grieving process SUCKS!!!

Life has been hard for me to deal with since my Granny passed. Every day presents a unique challenge of deciding to stay in bed crying my heart out or getting up and continue living. I was very close to my Granny, and the absence of her physical presence has been difficult for me to deal with.

It has also brought about a kind of life review, and where I want to go in regards to my online activities… which is why my posts and YT videos have disappeared. But I will be back soon with new content and such. Gotta get all this life stuff taken care of first and then we begin. 😀


2 thoughts on “And Where Have You Been?

  1. I am very sorry for your loss of Granny and pets. But, honey, allow yourself to cry and express your sorrow. This is very important. Our emotions of sorrow are natural as we are humans. Time heals the sorrow. Life goes on…there will be better times after a while and the sorrow will calm down to give way to more love in your life.

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