Let’s Respond To This – Again

I keep getting messages asking if I am going to participate in the YouTube Pagan Challenge, and here is my respnse that I have shared on Facebook: 

No, I am not for these two reasons.

1). The title/label. I am NOT Pagan and for me to participate in something that has “Pagan” in the title/label would be misrepresenting myself, my beliefs and my opinions, and I do not wish to mislead anyone who views my videos.

2.) Inconsistency. Some of the questions that have been posed recently, I wouldn’t be able to respond to. Some I consider private and want to respect that privacy. Other questions doesn’t apply to me, my practices or beliefs. It doesn’t seem fair to those posting videos as part of the challenge, or to those viewing, to be a part of something that I would not be consistent with.

I can make videos in response to answer questions asked to me directly but otherwise, no, I will not be participating in the YT Pagan Challenge.

For those who keep asking…. even though I am NOT Pagan, here are my responses to the questions thus far: 

1.) How did you find your path?

I didn’t. It found me because this Jesus guy won’t leave me the hello alone! HA! 

2.) Are you in or out of the broom closet?


3.) Do you have an altar or scared space?


4.) What is your take on the Wheel of the year?

Irrelevant to me since I don’t use, or need, it. 

5.) What does this time of the year mean to you? 


6.) Cultural influences?

I am a human being who embraces the various diverse aspects of humanity and believes we have an obsession with cultural appropriation that is unhealthy. 

7.) Sacred Texts and Mythology. 

Ancient Judaism, the Bible, etc. 

8.) Patron and/or Matron Deity? 


Those are about as much of a response I care to give on those re-hased and over re-hased questions…. and nope, not answering anymore from that particular challenge since I am NOT Pagan and the questions are irrelevant to me.

I am however loving the concept of the 2016 Grimoire challenge, and will have lots more to say on that in the weeks ahead. 😀


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