Let’s Talk – The 2016 Grimoire Challenge

While browsing thru various blogs, I discovered the 2016 Grimoire Challenge.  A new year always brings these “challenges” about in various forms from weight loss to writing to decorating to spirituality and more. The Magickal Community is no exception. 

I am aware of the YouTube (YT for short) Pagan Challenge, and while it is good for new people discovering Magickal Pathways…. it is very limited for others.  The title/label is NOT all-inclusive and excludes a huge amount of people who are NOT Pagan. Plus the questions are the same ones that have been going around for the past 5 years in the YT Magickal Community. Nothing new or unique but the same old… same old that doesn’t go in-depth about beliefs and practices. 

While I do enjoy participating in “challenges”, the one of YT didn’t interest me. 

Enter the 2016 Grimoire Challenge. 

The concept is refreshing. It is a fresh and unique approach to getting people to think about their beliefs and practices. The questions are in-depth and immersive. A hands on approach to doing a challenge. It inspires you to actually walk the talk and not just sit around reading about it. I like that. 

Some of the questions are of no interest to me, such as the ones on astrology. Astrology is a dyslexics nightmare! Or it is mine anyway, HA! Plus it has just never interested me. 🙂 

Any posts about hedge witch stuff, kitchen witch stuff, etc….. OH MY STARS! RUN FOR THE HILLS! HIDE! RUN! Can ya tell those kinds of things just are not something I enjoy!? LOL 

But now the stuff the challenge is getting into for the month of February! WooHoo! Oh Yeah Baby! I can get into that! So needless to say, some parts I just will not respond to because I would rather clean the toilet than force myself to write about something that bores me beyond tears.  (did I make ya smile there? good! then I have served my purpose for the day **wicked grin**)

The questions about runes….. well I am unique and do things a bit differently. 🙂 

This is the kind of challenge that I really wish was happening on YT, and maybe I will do the whole video thing from time to time instead of writing my thoughts. Who knows.!? I will also be “tweaking” questions to fit my beliefs and practices a wee bit. 

What I do know is that I will be joining the 2016 Grimoire Challenge… albeit a bit late. I still have things waiting for resolution, dealing with the whole grieving thing and all the other life stuff to sort thru. But soon, I will be more settled and when that happens … look for massive amounts of posting! 😀

CLICK HERE to take you to the original site for the 201 Grimoire Challenge!  


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